SataSky Contemporary Art - Urban Dwelling

“Urban Dwelling" presents Ganlin and Sim Chan, two of the new generation artists emerging in Greater China since the beginning of this millennium. This was the time when China opened wide its doors to international artists and Chinese artists began to command attention worldwide. Unlike their predecessors who suffered under the oppression of the Cultural Revolution, the bālínghòu (born post-'80) artists grew up in a country with a high-powered market economy and are highly engaged in a globalised art world. They do not feel a compulsion to politicise their work nor do they have symbols that are explicitly Chinese. Their work is often self-referential, some with exuberance and others with alienation and sadness.

For more than two decades now China has seen rapid urbanisation of its cities on an unprecedented scale. Unfortunately this has led to paramount environmental complications which have been set aside in pursuit of economic development. Ganlin and Sim, like many of their contemporaries, are concerned with the environmental and emotional impacts the accelerated urbanisation has on their cities and the cities' dwellers. Their work frequently show overwhelming and yet striking urban architectures and city streets which are often devoid of people.

Most of Ganlin’s powerful portraits of the Chinese landscape in this exhibition were, ironically, created as an emotional response to the democratic "Umbrella Movement" began on 28 September 2014, a historical moment in the history of Hong Kong. Instead of embedding political symbols in his work, Ganlin simply chose to show the city in its full somberness during the rainy days of that October. Sim's work is a tangible expression of his desire to unlock and blur boundaries of forms within urban cities, a compilation of artist's own observations, reminiscences and tactile senses towards city landscapes. Looking into the urban development with his saw, wooden frame and paintbrushes, Sim tries to explore the effects that ever-developing cities have on their dwellers as well as environment.

SataSky Contemporary Art
Urban Dwelling

28.1. - 4.2. 2016

Donnerstag 28. Januar 2016
17.30 - 21 Uhr

Donnerstag 4. Feburar 2016
17:30 - 21 Uhr


10 - 19 Uhr